Friday, June 17, 2011

Why I love the Pepsi Pinas ad

The first time I saw this ad, I almost bust my sides laughing. I love it so much for its cheesiness. So why am I posting it here, in the Pinoy drama blog?

Because it is such a cheesy [in the good, hilarious way] homage to every Pinoy action movie ever made. OMG. Can you name all of the movie references? Aside from the patola, saging and ampalaya guns, being cocked and primed with an audible click [reference to "pulis patola?"], the gang leader ordering his men to scatter, and then smacking his sidekick on the head, and the faceoff between our hero and the squad of goons firing at him and not managing to hit him, because he ducks under cover then picks them off one by one when he fires back, which are common scenes found in many Pinoy movies. I identified a few, but am having difficulty with the rest.

1. The title itself, "Sa Akin ang Pinas" [The Philippines is mine.] - a reference to "Sa Iyo ang Tondo, Akin ang Cavite" [Tondo is yours, Cavite is mine.]
2. "Huwag mo akong subukan!" [Don't try me!] - An often-quoted line from former action star and President Joseph Estrada; Also the title of a Philip Salvador movie.
3. "Kahit butas ng karayom, papasukin ko!" [I will even enter the eye of a needle!] - Movie starring the late great Fernando Poe Jr.
4. "Ang dami mo pang kakaining bigas!" [You still need to eat more rice!] - "Marami ka pang kakaining bigas" was a movie starring Eddie Garcia.
5. "Tapos na ang maliligayang araw mo!" [Your happy days are over!] -
6. "Hayop ka!" "Hudas!" "Ahas!" "Pangit!" [Animal! Judas! Snake! Ugly!] - usual exchange of insults between hero and villain
7. "Sa kangkungan ka na pupulutin!" [You will end up in the water spinach patch!]
8. "Gawa na ang kabaong na paglilibingan mo!" [The coffin in which you are to be buried has already been made!]

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