Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A few thoughts on Kapten Barbell reloaded

I never did get to finish watching the first Kapten Barbell series when it aired. I stopped when I couldn't take it anymore. It all kind of grated on me-- although I will admit that Richard Gutierrez is serious eye candy, I didn't like where the plot took the character Teng. So I stopped, and only turned on the TV for the K-drama timeslot. Where, after indulging in my current k-drama flavor, I'd shed tears of rage that I was only tuning in for a foreign drama because I didn't like the local offerings.

I quit watching TV altogether after Queen Seon Deok, because I wasn't interested in East of Eden-- I'm not much of a fan of makjang. If it weren't for Amaya, I wouldn't have turned on my TV again. Unfortunately for me,  Amaya comes directly after Kapten Barbell, and I have to sit through at least the last part of the latter so as not to miss the former because I'm recapping it. Major cringe moment.

Last Monday, Teng (Kapten Barbell's alter ego, played by Richard Gutierrez) was in jail on charges of kidnapping. I inferred that the child he was supposed to have kidnapped was his foster child, which he had raised, and that the ones who made the charges were a couple who wanted to adopt the child. Oh-kay, I can live with that. Over-the-top portrayal of injustice FTW. So Teng's in jail and he broods. He thinks that he could use his superpowers to bust out of there, especially since the Liga, which appears to be this group of teens that's kind of like the X-Men or the Justice League, is guarding a nuclear power plant which is the target of their enemies, the powers of darkness. But he ain't gonna do it cause it ain't honorable. He aims to get out the honorable way. And I'm like looking with interest at the TV because hey, this is a sticky point and I'm interested to know how he gets out of it since he mentioned honor and all that.

Then his friends arrive, and tell him that the prosecutor says the charges should be dropped. Only, get this, he wants P100,000 for it. Teng ruminates on corruption, and I'm all on tenterhooks to see what he'd do to combat it. Then this other girl who's in love with him and has just rejected her rich suitor for him, arrives. When she learns that they need money, she goes off... and tries to borrow said money from said suitor after promising him that she'd do anything for it. Uh, lame. So she gets the cash, and they PAY OFF THE PROSECUTOR and Teng gets out of jail, doesn't think of asking how or why, and just flies off, and I'm like AAAAAAAAAAAAGH WHAT WAS THAT!

Then Tuesday's episode, I'm expecting Teng was in such a hurry to run off because he was going to help the Liga because he is, yunno, the big guy Kapten Barbell himself. Where is he? He's off to stalk his foster kid, the one he got thrown into jail for. And I'm yelling at the TV, GODDAMMIT MAN WHERE ARE YOUR BRAINS!!! The foster kid has been taken by her adopters to the airport because they're taking her to Cebu out of, they think, Teng's reach. He chases after her but doesn't get there before the plane takes off so what does he do? HE FLIES AFTER THE ASADAFSDGDGSDF AIRPLANE. I'm sputtering imprecations at the TV. Hello! Nuclear plant, Liga, forces of darkness, crisis? The whole nation in danger, heck, the whole world in danger? Are you getting your priorities right here, buddy? Then the woman who wants to adopt the kid turns out to be nicely deranged, makes a scene inside the airplane, and ENDS UP OPENING THE DOOR OF THE PLANE WHILE IN FLIGHT. So the kid here is yelling for Kapten Barbell to help her. And end episode, continuation tonight. And this is how I look: @___@

I suppose they're really setting it up to justify his running after the kid, because it is now in mortal danger of getting killed in an accident. But man, what kind of superhero is he? Not a very intelligent one, it seems. (I'm looking at you, writers.) It's like the twists of fate just connive to let him come out on top like, yunno, coincidence? Aside from that, he really doesn't seem to know what his priorities are. Also, that thing with the prosecutor. Graft and corruption = MAJOR issue. What does Teng do? He rolls with the tide. His friends can't think of any other way than to pay the prosecutor? And he didn't stop to think that that was probably what they would do to spring him from jail since they had already mentioned it to him? Yeah, I know, they set it up so that he's pressed for time and all that and has to get out of jail right away. Man, talk of setting an example! But then I've always thought of him as Kapten Dumbbell. Nuff said. On to Amaya.

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