Monday, June 13, 2011

Glossary - Terms used in Amaya

Thank you to rajah_mangubat and all the Amaya fans at the Pinoy Exchange thread "GMA-7's 'AMAYA' - ang EPIKSERYE Gawang Pilipino para sa Pilipino" for compiling this glossary of terms. Credit of course goes to Suzette Doctolero, writer of Amaya, and GMA-7.

Abba - God
Alabay - apprentice to the babaylan
Anito - sacrifice, formal act of worship conducted by a babaylan
Atubang - adviser, minister
Babaylan - shamans or spirit mediums, priestess
Baba - Father
Bakunawa - a dragon-like snake that rises from the sea and reaches up to the sky to brazenly eat the moon. It is considered to be the cause of eclipses.
Bai - princess
Bana - husband/wife
Banwa - territory/community
Baroto - boat or canoe
Bata-bata - dolls made from wood
Batuk - tattoo
Bankaw - spear
Baladaw - short broad dagger
Binukot - young women (usually the daughters of a datu or rajah) who were kept inside the house away from the public eye
Bingil - virgin
Bugay - dowry
Bulawan - gold
Datu - chief or a lord of vassals
Dada - auntie
Diwata - Gods/Goddesses
Gahat - to raid by land
Gubat - general term for warfare
Iloy - mother
Haop - Datu's following (barangay)
Hayohay - an uripon (slave)
Hilugo - blood price
Ilawod - downstream
Iraya - upstream
Kalag - soul
Kadatoan - from a lineage of a datu or any nobility
Karakoa - warship
Kandu - poem
Kampilan - a heavy pointed cutlass or sword;
Kiral - lewd or a prostitute
Kalis - Kris(sword)
Kunggit - sungka
Paganito - an act of sacrifice
Panday - blacksmiths,general term for carpenters,boat-builders and jewellers
Rajah - ruler
Mabaw - illegitimate child
Mangayaw - to raid by sea
Sandil - secondary wives
Silat - a kind of toothbrush made of vegetable husk for cleaning and polishing the teeth
Sulad - land of the dead
Timawa - freeman
Tinubos - redeemed or ransomed
Oyo - a polite term by w/c an older brother addressed his younger brother
Yoyo - uncle
Umalagad - ancestor spirits
Uripon - slave
Umbo - term for older sister

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